Welcome to CrossFit Furion

CrossFit Furion of Voorhees NJ!  

We are a fun and high energy box that is focused on helping people get stronger, move better with less injuries and just generally feel better.  If you are bored of the gym let us help you light the Fury Within!

 CrossFit works for everyone!  To Learn more about CrossFit Furion Click What Is CrossFit? and Getting Started, to see how easy it is for you to start seeing, feeling and living the benefits CrossFit has to offer!


Workout Of The Day

  • Friday 4/25/14 WOD

    Warm Up:

    Med Ball "Egg Toss"  (5 min)


    Back Squats 

    3 x 3 @ 75%

    5 x 1 @ 90%

    Met Con:

    3 Rounds for Time of:

    Bear Gallops, 60'

    18 Modified TGU, 25/15#

    Funky Monkeys, 60'

    18 Snatches, 115/80#

    Suicide Sprint, 60'

    18 Weighted Push ups, 25/15#

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