Inspire Someone’s Fire

Voorhees Premier CrossFit Facility

At CrossFit Furion, we’re all about camaraderie...and results. We embrace our inner weirdness and sense of fun—switching things up early and often, so that you’re never the newbie and are always among friends. Sure, it’s a blast, but we focus on meaningful results, too.

Here, our community is the heart of our gym. Our motto is "jerks don’t work," unless they’re the lovable kind. To truly inspire one another and avoid cliques, we pair new members with veterans, have killer events inside and outside the gym, and invite members to chat on our private Facebook group so they can get to know each other. Everyone here at CrossFit Furion is committed to each other’s personal best.

Our programming is based on years of experience in the CrossFit and MMA arenas as well as exercise physiology and continued study. Every workout you do here will be scaled to fit your current level of fitness, so you’ll be pushed outside of your comfort zone, but not too far. We focus on proper form over weight or reps, because good form gets you further—and bad form gets you hurt. Focus on form always delivers.

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Our Facility

CrossFit Furion’s 2,500-square-foot facility in West Berlin is everything you want in a CrossFit gym. Our clean, well-organized space still has that evocative "garage gym" feel, but without the grime. We’re overstocked with all the cool CrossFit tools you know and love (and sometimes love to hate) and plenty of them, so you never waste your workout time waiting on a machine or bar. Our children’s area means you get an hour to yourself for once (right, moms and dads?) while being able to set an example of hard work and health for your little ones. Click the button below to take a photo tour of CrossFit Furion now.

  • I love so many things about it - the community, the amazing friends I've made, hanging out with everyone before and after class, eating healthier, the excitement of finally accomplishing something you've been working so hard for, and watching everyone else get stronger every single day

    Lisa Kappelar

  • The amount of dedication I see from others in the gym makes me want to push myself even harder every day. I feel that when you are with strong driven people it pushes you to put your absolute best out there and keep pushing towards your own goals as well.

    Heather Czyzewski

  • I was told by my doctor that I would never lift weight over my head again and I would never be able lift any heavy weights again. With the help of the great coaches at CrossFit Furion, I proved that doctor wrong.

    Josh Housman