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Our coaches are ready to inspire someone’s fire - yours! With a mixture of passion, compassion, and experience, our coaches work hard to give you two things - great results and the best hour of your day. More than just exercise experts, these men and women know how to get you past your limitations and into your personal success zone.
  • Carlo Profico

    Owner, Head Coach & Programmer Carlo Profico has been training in Mixed Martial Arts for more than 20 years and coaching for nearly as long. He’s run a successful MMA school called Budo for 15 years. He’s trained everyone from toddlers to 70 year olds, cops, military personnel, professional fighters, moms, dads and kids.

    He’s been CrossFitting for more than nine years, having discovered the sport through his affiliation with Tony Blauer. “I started experimenting with it after attending one of Coach Blauer’s training camps,” he says. “After several years of doing it on my own, studying the main site and searching for experts in the various disciplines that make up CrossFit, my business partner and I decided to open up an affiliate.”

    Carlo specializes in multiple areas, including Olympic & power lifting, bodyweight strength training, posture & mobility, healthy joint maintenance, minor injury rehabilitation and recovery, boxing, kickboxing, Jujutsu and Tony Blauer’s Personal Defense Readiness System.








    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
    • Level 2 PDR (Personal Defense Readiness) Coach
    • BA in Exercise Physiology from Rowan University
  • Shonda Profico

    Coach Shonda Profico tries to be the best she can be both inside and outside the gym. “It doesn’t always work out that way, we all have our days, but at the end of the day we’re all just trying to make it one hell of a ride!” she says. Watching people driving themselves to be better makes her want to push harder. “It’s a cycle that doesn’t fade, and it’s awesome.”

    Five years ago, Carlo finally convinced Shonda to try CrossFit when she got bored at her local gym. “It awakened something in me that I think I was searching for,” she says. “I loved the competition between me and ME. I felt stronger, and not just physically. I started to hold my head higher, walk taller and gain an enormous amount of respect for the mind/ body capabilities. It was and continues to be a really cool journey that keeps me centered and helps me deal with life as a whole.”

    Her favorite quote is “Courage is resistance to fear. Mastery of fear. Not absence of fear.” – Mark Twain


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Coach
  • Nick Earley

    Coach Nick Earley sought out CrossFit because he wanted a new life. “I didn’t like what I was doing for work and who it made me better as a person,” he says. “Then one day while talking with my coach and a friend, the opportunity to coach came up. I jumped on it. It’s the life I’ve always wanted, to inspire people to know they are capable of infinite possibilities.”

    Nick has always been a multi-sport athlete, with years of experience in baseball, football, wrestling, gymnastics/trampoline/parkour, lacrosse, MMA and, of course, CrossFit. In our gym, his specialty is bodyweight movements and his favorite part of coaching is getting members to realize that they’re capable of so much more than they believe.

    His favorite quote is “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. – Dr. Seuss






    • CrossFit Level 1
  • Monica Stagg

    Coach Monica Stagg is passionate about life! “I am adventurous and always exploring new opportunities and learning experiences,” she says. Naturally curious, she’s dabbled in everything from singing and music to traveling, learning languages, riding motorcycles, and more. “I am passionate about doing my bit to help create a better world, living life to the fullest and being free to be a unique individual, every day.”

    Monica discovered CrossFit eight years ago and loves the diversity of the CrossFit community. “I love the camaraderie that is created in class,” she says. “I love that I can relate to them closely because I was new to CrossFit once and had the same fears and concerns.”

    Her favorite quote is “Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there”- Josh Billings







    • CrossFit Level 1
  • Korye Czyzewski

    Intern Coach Korye Czyzewski specializes in bodyweight movements and making people comfortable when they are out of their comfort zone. “Love our members,” he says. “I have such a great time cheering and motivating them on during their workouts.” His favorite quote is “I shall give you a brief taste of death so you shall recognize it when it comes again.”


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