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November 2020

Discipline Still Needs to be a Thing!


Know why you don’t get that workout in or that assignment done?  No Discipline.  This is a very simple and motivational definition for Discipline:  “Refusing to use excuses to allow you to make poor task related decisions”  You’ve been lied to by the fitness industry.  You were told that you don’t need discipline to achieve [...]

Discipline Still Needs to be a Thing!2020-11-17T13:13:47+00:00

January 2020

3 Key Ingredients to a Happier More Fit YOU???


There is no magic formula that is going to spontaneously give you the body you want. But there are daily alternatives that can make you smile when you stare into the mirror. Here is a look at three key ingredients that can give you the body you want and deserve.  Diet One of the [...]

3 Key Ingredients to a Happier More Fit YOU???2020-01-03T04:07:17+00:00

June 2019

The Value of Scaling a Workout


When you’re new to CrossFit, it’s easy to assume that everyone is insanely fit and can do any workout exactly as it’s written on the whiteboard. This assumption may even prevent you from trying CrossFit. CrossFit is for any fitness level. And the thing that makes CrossFit for anyone is something called “scaling.” What is [...]

The Value of Scaling a Workout2019-06-13T14:36:21+00:00

May 2019

Understanding Macros: the What, Why, and How


If you’re new to understanding macros, check out the answers to common questions like what macros are, why people count them, and the basics of how to get started. What are Macros? Macro is short for macronutrients. Macronutrients make up the caloric content of food and fall into one of three categories: protein, fat, or [...]

Understanding Macros: the What, Why, and How2019-05-28T11:06:12+00:00

Travel Tips for Eating Healthy On the Road


Traveling can be one of the biggest obstacles to cause your otherwise healthy food choices to run off the rails. So how can you stay on track even when you're on the road? Here are a few tips for eating healthy while traveling: 1. Plan Ahead When we travel, it's so easy to fall out [...]

Travel Tips for Eating Healthy On the Road2019-05-14T14:06:50+00:00

April 2019

4 Tips To Get Back Into Training


If you’re in the process of getting back into training after a long absence, first of all, welcome back! Perhaps you experienced an injury that took you away from working out and now you’ve recovered. Or maybe you’ve gone through a rough patch, and now you’re ready to get back to working out. No matter [...]

4 Tips To Get Back Into Training2019-04-29T13:52:05+00:00

CrossFit Isn’t Just a Workout – It’s a Community


When you hear someone mention CrossFit, it’s easy to picture elite athletes lifting hundreds of pounds and performing muscle-ups without even breaking a sweat. It’s true. Some CrossFit athletes can do this. But the majority of people who do CrossFit are just like you. The community draws people with from all different fitness levels. And [...]

CrossFit Isn’t Just a Workout – It’s a Community2019-04-11T14:00:13+00:00

March 2019

4 Things Good Personal Trainers Do


When it comes to our fitness, we all have individual goals that we’re working toward. Some of us want to lose weight. Others want to get stronger. No matter what you’re working toward, a personal trainer can help you get results. So, what things does a good personal trainer do? Do they give you a [...]

4 Things Good Personal Trainers Do2019-03-28T11:23:06+00:00

How To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone


When you think about your workouts, do you feel like you show up and push yourself? Or have things gotten a little too comfortable? If you’ve been CrossFitting for a while, and you’ve fallen into a consistent routine, it’s possible that you’re no longer making the improvements that you noticed when you first started CrossFit. [...]

How To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone2019-03-14T07:35:50+00:00

February 2019

The Benefits of Working Out in a Group


A group workout might be just the solution you’ve been looking for to challenge yourself physically and achieve your fitness goals. If you’ve never tried working out in a group, the benefits make it worth giving a class or two a try. Here are a few of those benefits: Variety Do you currently go to [...]

The Benefits of Working Out in a Group2019-03-07T08:50:05+00:00