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March 2019

How To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone


When you think about your workouts, do you feel like you show up and push yourself? Or have things gotten a little too comfortable? If you’ve been CrossFitting for a while, and you’ve fallen into a consistent routine, it’s possible that you’re no longer making the improvements that you noticed when you first started CrossFit. [...]

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February 2019

The Benefits of Working Out in a Group


A group workout might be just the solution you’ve been looking for to challenge yourself physically and achieve your fitness goals. If you’ve never tried working out in a group, the benefits make it worth giving a class or two a try. Here are a few of those benefits: Variety Do you currently go to [...]

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Set Backs and Staying Motivated


Hi all! I usually make videos and will continue to do so, but sometimes I have too much to say and I am, unfortunately, still bad at editing. So instead of hoping you sit through 10 minutes of me on your screen, I decided to share this adventure through blog! The adventure being pregnancy, the [...]

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March 2018

Training vs Working out….What’s the difference and why does it matter?


Let’s start by explaining the difference. Working out is a daily task that some people do. They may attend a fitness class or have a routine that they do but it’s only about getting in there that day and accomplishing some kind of work. It’s the notion of “getting in shape” or “getting my sweat [...]

Training vs Working out….What’s the difference and why does it matter?2019-03-07T08:50:39+00:00

That [email protected]! Scale


If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it 100 times, I’m not stepping on that scale, F that! I don’t even want to see what that thing says!!! If there were ever any advice that I could give you that you could whole heartedly listen to, it would be : stop looking at the numbers [...]

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March 2017

The Myth about Icing!


Picture it. You’re running down the field, court…whatever or your kids are playing outside in the backyard and one of them twists their knee or maybe you just turn your ankle stepping off of the curb. So many of us have been raised with the belief that the very first thing you need to do [...]

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Why does the front of my shoulder hurt?


You hear plenty of “experts” speak/write about how so many people in CrossFit have shoulder pain and that CrossFit causes injuries to the shoulders. Well most of these experts don’t know what they are talking about. Here’s the deal: The shoulder is made up of a very shallow ball and socket joint with quite a [...]

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Knee Pain? You may not need to see the doctor.


Here’s a revelation…Just because your knee or knees hurt doesn’t mean you have an injury to your knee. I know that sounds counter intuitive but it’s the truth. Sometimes you have knee pain due to a torn meniscus or chondromalacia or a tendon/ligament sprain/strain. However, what I’m going to talk about is pain in the [...]

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What’s the best way to cut Carbs?


Many of you out there have heard, read and watched information about losing weight and you’ve probably seen a good bit of information on cutting carbs. Some of you may have tried it with success. Some of you may have tried it with less than desirable results. Many of our members come to me and [...]

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How Much Fat Should I Eat?


That’s a good question…and the answer is! It’s different for everyone. I know that sounds like a cop out but it’s true. Everyone’s energy needs are a little different. But, there are some guidelines you can follow. First, let me start out by saying that nutrition doesn’t have to be as friggin difficult as many [...]

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