CrossFit curing anxiety.

Sounds like a joke since every metcon (metabolic conditioning) usually brings on that heart wrenching, gut twisting anxiety we all try to run from.

Its not a joke though!

I used to be VERY anxious…all the time! Sleepless nights, racing thoughts, sometimes waking up was too stressful to fully handle. Not knowing what was coming next, how it was going to be handled or if it could even be handled.

Since starting CrossFit I became significantly stronger. Not just stronger physically, but stronger mentally. It wasnt the anxiety meds or antidepressants (they did nothing as a cure, for that matter, just prolonging the thoughts), but the gruelling blood pumping metcons had became a cure for my anxiety. I learned that the best way to enter a metcon was to be as relaxed as possible, keeping the mind focused and the breathing steady.

After countless metcons I began taking that thought process into everyday life. No task became too difficult to tackle. Big tasks became chippers (extra long metcons that require you to chip away at them), and smaller tasks became AMRAPs (As Many Reps As Possible).

Getting stronger physically helped me improve on my metcon performance, but not as much as understanding the stress that came with each metcon and using those experiences to become mentally stronger.

If life seems to be pressing down on you, you can just treat it like a metcon… take a step back, regain your focus, take a deep breath, get back in there and get one more rep. I promise you’ll feel better and more confident knowing you didn’t give up and that you gave it your all.

Coach Nick