Know why you don’t get that workout in or that assignment done?  No Discipline. 

This is a very simple and motivational definition for Discipline:  “Refusing to use excuses to allow you to make poor task related decisions” 

You’ve been lied to by the fitness industry.  You were told that you don’t need discipline to achieve your goals.  You were told you can eat whatever you want and do any kind of stupid circus trick and you’ll be in the best shape of your life.   

[insert annoying buzzer sound]

It doesn’t work that way.   If your goal is to just move around, increase blood flow, keep joints from getting stiff then any low impact walk or tai chi class is perfect.  You can eat whatever garbage you want, if you don’t care about feeling good and living a long life and your body will still figure out a way to keep you alive.

You need discipline to be healthy, to have energy and keep cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and a host of other horribly debilitating conditions away Discipline and Super Strict DO NOT go hand-in-hand.  Using discipline means making choices and recognizing that the consistency of those choices is paramount.  Doing things like starving yourself or eating boiled chicken & rice cakes is not discipline….that’s more like self-punishment.  When you can recognize the opportunities then you can utilize discipline to make better choices.

You have poor discipline when you consistently choose something, anything over working out.

You have poor discipline if you continually choose to eat that fuc***g bowl of pasta instead of the avocado salad, with your choice of grilled meat/poultry/fish.

For people that always say “there isn’t enough time in the day”…that’s just stupid. 

There’s the same amount of time in everyday.  It’s how you choose to use it.  For example, say you have 20 things on a list that needs to get done for your job.   Now add your family obligations, personal obligations and house obligations.  Do you think it’s reasonable to plan to get all 20 things done?

If you don’t organize the work list into things that need to get done now versus things that can wait it shows a lack of discipline.  You need discipline to spend  time with your family or on personal obligations and then shift back to your work list or visa versa.  Ignoring everything on your work list just to spend time on yourself is as bad as ignoring your family to get everything done on your list.  Discipline starts by recognizing those moments when you have a choice to make then making the right choice that fits into the definition of your best life. 


Do you find that when you make a choice it’s usually followed by regret?  Then reassess your decision making process.  Be honest with yourself about your lack of discipline.  Then get involved in some activities that will help you build some discipline. 

Do you find NOT making the time to get tasks done, workout, eat healthier and make time for others doesn’t cause any regret?   Then you don’t really care about those things anyway so you don’t need to be disciplined.  You may just need to get a life!