Me, CrossFit and My New Baby!

Me, CrossFit and My New Baby!

This is going to be one of the most challenging, life changing, turn your world upside down but ABSOLUTELY MOST AMAZING time of your life! Hello, my name is Shonda Profico and I train / coach at CrossFit Furion. I’ve been doing CrossFit for a little over 4 years now and on May 20, 2017 I had my first child, my healthy bouncing baby guy Carlo! I wanted to take some time and talk to you about all things pregnancy and CrossFit. To many, including some doctors, any exercise other than walking around the block while pregnant can be considered dangerous for you and your baby. Walking as exercise seemed silly to me barring any complications, (not to mention boring) considering it is an everyday function necessary for so many in life. This blog will be me trying to put your mind at ease about your training regimen with your new exciting bundle of love 🙂 For the record I am not a doctor, this is just my experience so any professional opinion or advice should come from your health care providers. Your cheers and encouragement can certainly come from me!

Ok, let’s go back to August 2016. My husband and I were so super stoked to find out we were expecting!! We both live very active lifestyles and finding this out made me anxious (in a good way) to see how incorporating that into something so awesome was going to go. CrossFit for me over the years has not only given me physical strength I never thought possible but my mental game has stepped up quite a few notches. I, not in a cocky but confident way, had the attitude that I could do anything. Pregnancy was going to be no different for me!! That attitude alone helped me through my journey!

In the beginning things were a little harder than I anticipated. See, when you first find out you are expecting it is a fun, exciting but can be lonely time. You don’t look pregnant, and for some amount of weeks you sometimes don’t tell people you are pregnant because you want to make sure this is what your body wants to do. So it is you, your regular work out routine and a whooooole lotta different. You are tired, hungry, nauseous, bloated, out of breath, crampy, cranky, anxious, irritable, nervous and a lot of the time misunderstood. Did I hit them all? Probably not, point is you got a LOT going on and one of the hardest things to do is to try and keep up with your routine the same way you did before the news. With me it was far too common to be upset with my workout rather than allow myself to feel and accept the changes my body was going through. I believe we are all too hard on ourselves and this is no exception. Remember, its not showing yet, but you are performing magic! Try to embrace it and soon the world will know why you are sucking so much wind on a day that used to be a piece of cake for you…. mmm, cake

Once I hit the 4/5 month mark I was sporting a little belly and a lot more comfort with what what was going on. I was lucky enough to be able to keep up with my schedule of full time employment, coaching 4 times a week and training about 5. It was around now that my workouts were not where they once were but I started to fall nicely into scaling where I needed to and going a little harder wasn’t so scary. I listened to my body and while some choices were an obvious no go, it was a lot of fun to play with different movements and exercises and experiencing what I was capable even in this time of transition. I felt great, I wasn’t gaining or losing weight at a rate that was considered a problem and I was also feeling a little bad ass. What a cool thing to be able to share kettle bell swings with a babe that isn’t even around to fully appreciate them yet! I stayed lifting at percentages that I was comfortable with along with keeping good form and kept my cardio based workouts controlled and at a pace to my and my new guy’s liking.

The last trimester, this was the test of patience. People now KNOW you’re pregnant. Your clothes don’t fit, you are visiting the restroom more than you ever thought possible, you are trying to keep up with daily life but sometimes just trying to bend over to scratch your foot seems like a task you’d rather not tackle. There is a lot of heavy breathing and sometimes sighs of discomfort but guess what? Now is the time when your baby will really show you his or her moves and it is incredible. Working out sort of becomes an “I’ll do what I can today” and guess what, that is more than ok! On the days I felt like going in, I went and they were great. On the days I would rather have not I’d let myself stay home or other times I just showed up. The community and the ability to scale absolutely EVERY movement there was in the actual written workout made it easy to just take my time and focus on me.

See, CrossFit is as much mental as it is physical. It’s about pushing your limits and seeing where you end up on the other side. If it’s just showing up that day then that’s what it is. If its lifting weights to get stronger, and you WILL get so much stronger, which is pretty bad ass 😉 then that’s what it is. If you are safely exercising pre-pregnancy and need that movement in your life to keep you sane and healthy then that’s what it is.

My pregnancy was easier, and my recovery is underway. Today 6/20/17 was my first day back at the gym. It was in no way easy. My pace was slower than even I thought it would be. My head wasn’t totally in the game and I took a deep breath and realized that after a C section there will need to be plenty of rehab and recovery, but hey, I showed up and that’s what it was about!

Enjoy it moms to be! This is such an amazing time. Thank your body for what it’s capable of, not what it can’t do or what it used to do!

Like I said, you are making magic.

Coach Shonda