Supplement-Your-CrossFit-WODs-CrossFit-FurionCrossFit workouts continually challenge your body and your mind. The variety results in less boredom and less risk of your fitness hitting a plateau.

CrossFit’s successful formula of constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity will help you reach your fitness goals. But, you also have the option to supplement your WODs with other types of activities that support your fitness goals.

If you’re looking for an addition to your weekly CrossFit workouts, try out a few of these supplemental activities:

1. Yoga

When it comes to learning balance and flexibility, nothing can beat yoga. Yoga classes can range from relaxing to difficult. Find a class focused on what you’d like to work on. And throw in a restorative yoga class every once in a while.

2. Swimming

This low impact cardio exercise is perfect for a full-body workout. Swimming is a great way to get in your aerobic exercise while lengthening muscles throughout your body.

3. Pilates

Just like yoga, pilates can be a great addition to any workout regimen. The benefits include increased flexibility and endurance, which ultimately leads to a lower chance of muscle injury or strain.

4. Bouldering

The functional exercise provided by bouldering is an excellent addition to any WOD. Bouldering works your wrists, legs, and arms in different ways compared to lifting. It also allows you to build up your skill level, taking on harder courses as you get better.

5. Biking

Another great cardio option, biking is an awesome way to explore your city or town as well as build aerobic endurance. Plus, you also have the opportunity to go off-road and explore local trails on a mountain bike.

No matter what you choose to supplement your CrossFit workouts, we’d love to see you for a WOD at CrossFit Furion in West Berlin. We’re here to help you be the hero in your own story!

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