“One of my patients had started Crossfit and wouldn’t stop talking about it so I decided to scour the area and see what was close. Along came Furion lol. I emailed and wound up talking to Carlo that same night and signing up for the beginners classes. To say the least, I LOVED IT. As soon as I walked through the doors and everyone welcomes you with open arms. No one judges (which for me was a big reason I hated other gyms) and they all cheer you on and have your back whether you are Rx+ or scaling your workouts.”
– Candace Estep

post2 “Furion is so much more than CrossFit. It’s community. It’s being a part of a family. They are crazy in a good way. They keep things fun while being serious about doing things the right way. I’ve always been a pretty fit guy – running, lifting weights, Beach body workouts – but never have I been challenged like I have been here. And never have I been supported, encouraged and empowered like I have been here.
I am getting fitter, stronger and mentally tougher all while making friends with a great group of people.”
– Roy Condell

post2 “Long story short, I never stuck with any exercise routine for more than a few weeks. Finishing up my 5th month at Furion and am so excited to continue my journey here! This is the absolute best place! I’m writing this review after signing up for class at 8am today. I was the only one and it was a partner workout. Instead of having me go at it alone, the owner, Coach Carlo came in and worked out with me… these are the absolute best people! You won’t regret joining this gym! A million stars for Furion and all of the coaches and members!”
– Tara Humma

post2 “I started CrossFit after having shoulder surgery. I started gaining weight again, and my regular gym workouts were not working. CrossFit helped me get stronger and overcome a lot of deficits related to my shoulder injury. I was told by my doctor that I would never lift weight over my head again and I would never be able lift any heavy weights again.

With the help of the great coaches at CrossFit Furion, I proved that doctor wrong. I love the motivational and supportive environment. I also love the varied workouts so it never gets old. I was worried that everyone would better than me and I would not be able to keep up. I quickly learned that is not what CrossFit is all about. I was also worried that the coaches would ignore my pre-existing injury. Once again, this was not true. Carlo really helped me through this without injuring myself further.”
– Josh Houseman

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