If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it 100 times, I’m not stepping on that scale, F that! I don’t even want to see what that thing says!!!

If there were ever any advice that I could give you that you could whole heartedly listen to, it would be : stop looking at the numbers on that freaking scale!

I’m not heavily trained to talk about nutrition and how to calculate how much of something you should eat and when. I am however, heavily trained on how I changed the way I see life and nutrition and how it has not only changed the number on the scale for me (in a way I never imagined) but also the way I feel about my body.

You see when I first started CrossFit, my goal was to stay thin, be toned and if I’m being honest, get a nicer butt. I think I’ve told you this before, but at first I didn’t want to lift a lot of weights in fear of gaining too much muscle. I didn’t want to look bulky I didn’t want to look “like a man”. The number on the scale said 128 pounds. I was thin, I was CONSTANTLY restricting / wondering what I could and could not eat and I was without a doubt uncomfortable in my own skin, and it goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway, uncomfortable in my clothes.

About three or four months into my CrossFit journey I started to see a change in my attitude. I all of a sudden stood up a little taller, walked a little bit more confidently and respected my body for the work it put in for me while I was training
***I like to use the word training because to me, whenever you are doing something to better yourself, you are training the mind and body. You’re not just working out to burn calories… ah, the ol’ burning calories comment. We can get into that another time. You know you’re burning calories reading this right?? Your body is awesome that way.


The more I respected what my body was trying to do while I was in the gym and outside of the gym, the more I respected what I put into my body. Less chemicals, more whole foods. Less sugar, more whole fats.
More water

Still some beer…. you get the point
Now, without me really knowing, I made this HUGE Transformation, that if you were to know me in high school or even my early 20s, I was unrecognizable but NOT because I looked much different.
I held myself differently.
I loved myself differently.
It wasn’t what I COULDN’T have and how hard I’d have to work out to fix my bad habits or week of eating/ drinking.
It was, why would I want that? I work so hard and feel so good training and being my best self while eating stuff that fuels that, that sabotaging it seemed really silly?

The scale… oh yes the scale.
So I was on the other end. I was really thin and extremely out of shape. 128 pounds and struggling so bad to feel good about myself.
So, since everything else ended up in failure, meaning counting calories, food restriction, NOT eating etc… I instead did what felt good.

I trained and had fun with the people at the gym, I fueled my body with mostly(anyone who knows me knows I love sugar, so it’s always MOSTLY) whole healthy food and guess what?! That damn scale climbed up to 135 pounds and I’ve NEVER been so LEAN and powerful in my whole life.
Wanna know something funny? I had a baby and since then training has been inconsistent to say the least. That’s not that funny, but here are two among many things that I learned.

1. FOOD is how you will change your body. Training is the icing on the cake so to speak. Unless you’re ready to fuel yourself with delicious whole proteins, fats and some complex carbs you are not ready for total body transformation.. and that’s ok, but know that that’s the reason why. After the baby I didn’t work out, in fact it took me quite a bit to get back, but I dropped weight almost instantly. Food.

Do NOT underestimate the power of what you put in and how it effects what you get out, PERIOD.

2. I step on that scale now and go, DAMMIT I’m still 5lbs shy of my goal weight. But guess what, I’d like the numbers to be HIGHER, or do I? You see, the numbers themselves don’t do me a damn bit of good if I still don’t feel my best, and after a baby and limited training maybe 135 isn’t my best anymore? That goes for all of you too whether you think that’s the truth or not. Wanna lose 50 pounds? Great. Seeing the numbers on the scale going down? Awesome! Is the transformation on the inside going as well as what’s happening on the outside? Yes?? WOOHOO!! Maybe? Theres a problem/gap somewhere. No?? You’re probably going to relapse.

See my point? The scale is there as a number gauge and can be rewarding to a point. But after you read that number (good or bad) if you’re not feeling your best in the inside, we have work to do.

Ask yourself these questions
Do I feel good?
Do I feel like I’m worth this and bad ass enough to kick its ass?
Are my clothes fitting me in a way that I like, opposed to before ? (Unless your coach Carlo who’s quads can’t find pants but that’s a whole other issue lol)
Can I run/ jump/ climb steps/ play with the kids or grandkids easier?
Am I sleeping better?
Is my anxiety/ stress level at a lower level?

Before letting that number on a scale define who you are, make it real clear TO YOU,

who you are and why you deserve to be the freakin’ best you can be. Oh, and never be ashamed to ask for help, we are here to guide you.

I will be honest though, ultimately it’s going to take work and discipline on your end.HOWEVER anything that’s worth a shit and that you get be proud of, always comes from hard work and dedication so get the info you need and GET AT IT. You got one life to live my friend, how you choose to is 100% up to you.

* Inspired by my badass friend “Bad Jill” F that scale.